Jenny Crawford

    Jenny works for the National Grid. She is the Chairwoman of India Direct.


    Helen Milligan

    Helen is a teacher at Poynton High School and head of the Poynton High School India Project. She is the Secretary of India Direct and is also in charge of India Direct’s work in education.


    Mark Johnson

    Mark is a doctor in Oxford. He was previously a member of Poynton High School’s India Project. He is India Direct’s Communication and Project Manager.


    Ewan Dennis

    Ewan is the new Treasurer of India Direct. He first got involved in the charity through Poynton High School and has been a volunteer for over 8 years.


    Alex Crawford

    Alex was a social worker and is the previous Chairman of India Direct.

    Martin -Jun10 profile_1

    Martin Raymond

    Martin is the current Treasurer of India Direct, and acts as our main liaison with Love & Care Charitable Trust, our sister charity based in India. He is resigning in July.


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