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    Could you regularly donate to India Direct?

    India Direct supports people who are in need, regardless of their religion or background. Our sponsorship programmes offer people a new life with the potential to improve their standard of living and ease concerns about the welfare of their children.

    Giving a regular donation also provides India Direct with a more predictable income. It means we can plan more effectively for the care of all the children, and can support more children. However, we value all our supporters and all donations are gratefully received.

    We offer three different forms of sponsorship, all of which contribute to the success of India Direct’s projects. Our most popular form of donation is child sponsorship, as we find that many people like to connect with a particular child at one of our homes.

    Our Sponsorship Programmes:

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    Sponsoring a child is the greatest gift you can give them. You will be linked to an individual child so you can see the lasting effects your support can bring on their education, health and life.

    You will find out what brought your sponsored child to Bethel or Joy, and see them thrive in the care of India Direct.


    Sponsoring our Children’s Homes means you help ensure that all the children in our care have a safe, happy and well maintained place to grow up where their chances in life can be much improved.

    This is perhaps the best way to start regularly supporting India Direct. Our monthly running costs are around £6000+ so we greatly value all donations.


    We support a small number of widows and families within the community either on a regular basis or sometimes with a small one-off grant.

    A sewing machine, livestock or a small income supplement might enable a family to stay together. Alternatively regular support can help prevent a widow living in poverty and protect her from harm.

    Are you already convinced?

    We’re glad you’ve decided to donate towards one of our sponsorship programmes in India. Every monthly donation contributes significantly towards our work in India, and every penny directly changes lives – we spend none of your donation on UK admin, advertising or wages. The charity is run by volunteers who, like you, want their work and donations to make the biggest difference it can!

    Suggested sponsorship amounts are:

    £1 per month – goes towards food costs in one of our Children’s Homes
    £3 per month – buys new clothes for a child
    From £5+ per month – ‘Children’s Home Sponsor’ – providing money for general child support
    £10 per month – buys a child’s food for a month
    £15 per month – supports a child not at Bethel or Joy in food and school fees
    £18 per month – ‘Support in the Community’ – supports a widow living near Joy
    £30 per month – ‘Sponsor a Child’ – pays for all a child’s needs in one of our children’s homes

    To set up a monthly donation / regular sponsorship / direct debit:

    Please download, and complete the Standing Order form. If you are a UK registered taxpayer, you can fill in the ‘Gift Aid’ form which will allow us to gain an extra 25% from your donation.

    We’ll be in touch shortly after you send us the form letting you know more details about your donation. Alternatively, contact us if you want more information or have a specific interest in what your donation goes towards.

    Monthly Donation & Sponsorship Form

    Want to find out more about donating monthly?

    We’re more than happy to discuss our range of sponsorship options and how your monthly donation could help us with you. If you have any questions or queries, then please contact us!

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