Support in the Community

    Support in the Community – Helping some of India’s poorest people

    You may choose to support our projects outside of the homes. We support both widows and children outside of the homes within the local community.


    Widow Sponsorship – £18 a month

    India Direct has a small programme sponsoring widows in the community. The status of widows in India is very low, and many are young women with families which they struggle to support. With just a little help from India Direct, they can keep their family together, and begin to build a future for themselves. Sponsoring a widow costs just £18 per month, that’s around 60p a day!

    Whilst most sponsorships continue for many years, we understand that this might not be possible. If for some reason you are no longer able to sponsor, just let us know. If you are able to sponsor someone, please contact us.


    Education & Care Child Sponsorship – £15 a month

    Sometimes it is not necessary for children to live at Bethel or Joy and we can provide support to their family within the community.

    If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education, healthcare and wellbeing in the community, then please contact us for more information.

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