Arun was brought to Bethel Children’s Home by his mother in June 2002.

His father was working as a cleaner in the lorry transport service and was addicted to alcohol. He used to beat his wife and son. One day he came home drunk, fought with his wife and beat her awfully. He then ran away from home and never came back.

Arun’s mother was left to bring up her two children alone. She wasn’t able to afford a house, and took shelter at Arun’s grandmother’s house.  She brought Arun to Bethel Home as she was struggling to provide food, clothes and education. She needed respite to be able to find work herself.

With the kind support of our supporters, we were able to provide shelter, food, clothes, and education to Arun. In spite of his family’s situation, Arun had a peaceful, secure and happy childhood.

Initially, Arun was a quiet child in the beginning but enjoyed playing with his friends. Annie remembers him being occasionally naughty, but always respectful to her and the other staff in Bethel Home. He completed his school education, eventually studying B.Com (a form of higher education), and is now married – with his own baby boy, who is 1 year old.

Arun is working for an Insurance company – providing for his new family.

This was only possible thanks to the kindness and support from our loyal supporters. A child sponsor was able to not just change Arun’s life for the better, but provide a step out of poverty for his family. This truly results in a generational change.

If you think you could help India Direct support more children like Arun, please consider sponsoring a child today.