Annie (the trustee of our Indian partner charity) has recently sent us an update on our projects in India. We’ve included some photos below.

Appollose Community College

LCCT has opened Appollose Community College.

With the aim to begin generating a small income locally, LCCT (our charity partners in India) have opened a community college in one of the buildings at Joy Home. The building was no longer being used as children are still being housed in the community with their families. The aim of the new programme is to generate a small income so that our India charitable projects can benefit.

At present, they have 20 students (with new admissions and enquiries coming in every day). They are working to a syllabus that has been provided by a partner college.

The college opened on 1st August and for the opening ceremony the students’ parents were also invited. The students are doing well and enjoying their courses. The courses are for a nursing assistant and web developers.

They have been supported in this work by donations directly from a supporter to India Direct. India Direct has supported the work by allowing the use of the buildings for an initial fixed period.

Bethel Home:

All the children in Bethel are doing well. Children continue to live in their communities with their family, but attend school daily. LCCT provide a monthly food parcel (rice, provisions) and pay educational fees directly to schools. Attendance at schools is monitored regularly.

In the monthly camp, each child receives a personal appointment for a health & welfare check. There are also sports, games and activities for the children to participate in. Annie reports that the children are happy and remain pleased to be supported living with their families.