Paul and Grace Nadin-Salter visited India from 22nd September to 5th October 2010.  They visited both Bethel and Joy Homes, taking the children from both homes on day trips.  Bethel children visited Chennai Zoo for the day, and Joy children visited a famous temple which had just celebrated 1000 years since being built by an Indian Raja, then onto the Raja’s Palace with a whistle-stop tour of a special exhibition, finally ending at Velankanni – a Catholic pilgrimage site.
They found both homes in good health and doing well.  The children had just received their end of term exam results with many excellent successes.  Surya, (pictured below) is in her final year of a BSc in Physics, studying from Joy Children’s Home.  She was recently orphaned when her mother died whilst Surya was at Joy Home.

Surya - final Year BSc in Physics

Bethel Home needs a scooter to help with day-to-day needs which will cost around £250.  Joy Home needs a generator (£280), a motor to run the garden water pump (£280) and a second-hand large bus (around £4,000).  The mini-bus at Joy can then be sent to Bethel to give them transport for the school run/trips etc.  Joy also needs a water purifier (£280) as during the rainy season, dirty run-off water is mixing with the borehole water and causing sickness.  Last month, 25 children fell ill on the same day.

Johnson tending the vegetables at Joy Home garden

The vegetable garden at Joy is amazing!  Johnson, the gardener is doing a fantastic job keeping it going.  It supplies almost all of the fruit and vegetable needs of the home.  The children are benefitting from this in terms of general health and well-being.  Any surplus crops are sent up to Bethel Home in Chennai.
Paul and Grace also visited three widows in the villages whom the charity is supporting.  All three have children placed in Joy Children’s Home.  One widow has had a new house built by India Direct and one is desperate for new house.  Please go to the Widows page to read more.