Relocating all the children of Bethel Home is a major undertaking, which has taken a LONG time, and is still a work in progress…

Why would we do such a thing?

buildind sites round bethel

The Indian government brought in new regulations which meant girls and boys over the age of 10 have to be in separate homes. The plot at Bethel was too small to build additional accommodation so that we could comply with the regulations, and Bethel Home faced closure if we couldn’t do something about it.

In addition to this, the area around the Home had become much less suitable as a place to raise children, with local development causing pollution and sewage problems. The borehole water had become bitter and salty, and could not even be used for washing. We really had to move!

Even in 2009 Bethel was surrounded by building sites…


B. temp home


The Lord’s Garden Plot

Annie’s father’s church owned a plot of land, “The Lord’s Garden”, with a building which had been used as a home for the elderly. We rented the Home as a first solution to the problem. During their 2011 trip, staff and students from Poynton High School spent some time making the premises more habitable for the children of Bethel, whilst in the baking heat of the summer Indian sun!



A new Bethel

Land for new Bethel

However, this could not be a permanent solution, and Annie set about finding a suitable plot of land for a new building project. She found a great plot of about three quarters of an acre, surrounded by farm land growing vegetable crops and rice. There is a tiny village at the back, with a few houses, animals and a rundown school compound. There is good soil, good water, and, at the front of the plot, a proper main road into the town. It is on a bus route, with a large school and shops nearby. With the help of generous contributions, India Direct was able to purchase this land.

In September a temporary shelter was constructed for the children to live in, while a new Bethel is being built. Looks can be deceiving. This shelter is weatherproof and safe, which is a big improvement on many of the homes the children come from.

shelter at Bethel plot

David Armstrong has put his professional expertise to good use, and designed a suite of 3 small buildings which can accommodate different groups of children in a flexible way.

So watch this space for further developments… With your help, we can raise the money to build a new Bethel, with room for a large number of children in a community that is safe, loving and caring.




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