At Bethel and Joy Children’s Homes, Christmas is always a special time. And it’s all made possible thanks to our supporters who buy one of our special £10 Christmas Cards.

The 2013 Christmas Direct appeal raised £1300. Each £10 card pays for the card and postage to India, a small gift, a new set of clothes, and a Christmas party for the children and their relatives. Annie gives the cards to the children for them to open on Christmas day.

Christmas preparations begin in October. Each night, after the evening meal and homework marathon, the children start to plan and practice for the main entertainment show on Christmas day. The audience is treated to recitals, singing, traditional village and Bollywood  style dancing, comedy sketches and a nativity play. It’s also a special time because their parents or relatives are invited. A time when they can be close to their children, share a meal together, and be comforted to see that all is well with their child. We reimburse travel expenses as everyone is too poor to use public transport.


We think you’ll agree that you get a lot for your money in India!