Cyclones have hit the area recently and caused some damage to the buildings and garden. A bolt of lightning hit the roof at Joy which caused  damage to the electrics in the building. No one was hurt, they were in the prayer hall at the time. Praise God for their protection.

Annie arranged for the electrician to repair the damage which was mainly to blown fuses and lighting – this has resulted in a repair bill for £412.08 which Annie had to ask us for.

Annie also reports a few cracks to the building but has not been more specific to the damage.  Annie reports that it is very difficult during the rain,  as the rain pours inside through the courtyard. The consequence of this results in  the whole courtyard becoming slippery with water everywhere. As the weather conditions are cold and windy with increased water ingress through the courtyard, it has resulted in the children becoming sick with cold, cough, fever etc.

Heavy cyclones have hit Tamil Nadu with floods everywhere but especially in the coastal regions. This has destroyed most of the garden. Annie’s solution to prevent further flooding was to buy  building waste and put it in the street to stop the road water running into Joy.