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Geetha became an orphan at the age of 2 and then was brought up by her grandmother. Her grandmother died and Geetha came to live under our care in 2002 when she was 14 years old. She had suffered a polio attack and had severe deformities in both legs as a result, which left her walking with both hands.

With the help of INDIA DIRECT in 2003 , she underwent a series of operations and she was able to stand and walk straight without any support. The cost of the surgery was supported by Brian Cripps and Brigid & Kevin Shanahan.

Now she is 24 years old, she is getting married. The marriage is arranged, as is the custom in India. This is a marriage entered into totally willingly by Geetha – there is no coersion or forced marriage. A family came to see Geetha for their son and they liked her. The man is working in a company and earning rs.8000 per month. He has his own house. His mother is living with him (again, a custom in India). He has 2 brothers who live in the same village…

Geetha also really liked the boy, he is 28 yrs old, he is dark and taller than Geetha.

Her wedding is on the 21st June, at the groom’s house.

AS a basic dowry : we have to buy a
• steel wardrobe – Rs.8,000
• steel double cot – rs.7,000
• Matress, Pillow & sheets – Rs.7000
• Few sarees & dress – Rs.6000
• cooking & serving vessels for 2 people – Rs.15,000
• wedding saree & accessories – Rs.7000

Total Rs.50,000 (around £580)

Many poor girls never get married in India because of the pressure to provide a dowry. Without it, marriage is impossible. In Indian terms, this is a very small dowry as the groom’s family are understanding and do not expect it from her as she has no parents of her own to provide a dowry for her. India Direct are providing her dowry. If you would like to contribute, or if you have known Geetha, we would be pleased to her from you! It would be lovely for her to know that you have been thinking about her.

The Wedding and Reception expenses are borne by the groom’s family.

Paul and Grace have known Geetha since 2009, and Dave and Karen knew her from the time she came to live at Bethel Children’s Home. Geetha is a strong character, very determined to succeed and absolutely dedicated to working hard in everything she does. She has worked for Annie and Martin at their home for a number of years now. Annie and Martin have always helped her with her medical expenses – she has to wear special shoes – and have worked hard to find her a good husband who will treat her well. We are delighted for her. This is the first time that we have had a marriage for one of our girls and we are excited to see the pictures!