Joy Compound Wall

Much has been happening at Joy Home to improve the health and safety of the children.  Annie has worked hard to persuade and cajole the builders to complete the compound wall.  This was necessary to help keep out snakes – some of which exceed 2 metres in length and are venomous.

Joy Home Water Purifier

Also, a water purifier has been installed to ensure clean, fresh and safe drinking water.  Last autumn, 25 children were sick on the same day due to contaminated drinking water.  This was caused by surface run-off entering the drinking water bore hole.  A big thank you to the donor who made this possible.
The children at Joy Home love their Guinea Fowl hens!  There were two last year.  Now there are four!

Joy Home Guinea Hens

Sadly, some of the trees planted at Joy have died (it was ever thus with gardens…)  However, this mango tree has flowers and is thriving.  They grow quite quickly, so fruit should not be too long in the offing! 

Flowering Sapling Mango Tree