Mark was very pleased to be able to visit the site of the new Bethel home during his trip in April.

The new Bethel site is located outside of the city centre of Chennai. The location is in the local countryside, with fresh air and no noise or air pollution. The new home consists of two large buildings which are separated for boys and girls. Each of these buildings contains dormitory style rooms, housing around 5-6 children in each room. There is a smaller building with kitchens, staff quarters and storage rooms.

The homes are surrounded by a secure perimeter wall, and new Bethel has a night watchman to ensure the safety and security of all our children. The rest of the site has been used to begin a vegetable garden. We are hoping to replicate the success of the garden at Joy Home.

In the pictures below you will also be able to see the mural painted by the Poynton High School India Project team of 2014. You might also spot some of the ‘designer’ tiles chosen for the new bahtrooms. See if you can work out which ones Omega picked…!!

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