If you followed the adventures of Helen and her husband on our Facebook page, you will know that they met some young people who had been brought up in the care of LCCT. We’d like to tell you some more about them, so here is the first instalment. It is the story of a young man, now in his mid twenties, who grew up at Bethel Home, and is now a professional photographer.

Both S’s parents were farm labourers and earned very little money. They sent him to Bethel Home in the hope that he would be able to get some education. He admits that he was not a good student, but when he left school after 10th standard (about GCSE level) in 2004 he went to work with Omega for 4 years, learning the art of photography. In 2008 (the year his mother died) he left Omega’s Studio to set up his own business.

20160818_153954S now has his own studio and is not only self employed, but also employs another young man. At his studio Martin, Helen and her husband were greeted with cold drinks and traditional garlands and shawls for formal photographs!

His aunt (his mother’s sister) arrived. She had come especially to say thank  you for the difference growing up at Bethel Home had made to him, and to his family. At this point S bent down and touched their feet, then kissed his fingers as a symbol of gratitude. He said without Bethel he would have been working in the fields, unable to make a living for himself, let alone support a family.

S is now proud father of a 5 month old girl. As is the tradition with the first child, his wife is living with her mother until the baby is 9 month old, so when S took his visitors to meet his wife and their daughter, they also met the extended family. Many photos were taken of them holding the baby! The family had been waiting all day with great excitement for the to visit, and couldn’t have given a warmer welcome. S also showed his guests the small, clean rented house his wife and daughter will come home to in just a few months time. Growing up in Bethel Home has given S the chance he needed to change his life, to be able to provide for his lovely growing family, and to provide opportunities to his community. That’s what we call a success!