Augastin and his little sister came to Bethel home in 1996 when he was 5, and she was just 4 years old. Their father was an alcoholic, who became very ill and died as a result of his alcohol abuse. Their mother had no education. She found it very difficult to get work, and could not support her children.

When Augastin had finished 10th standard (around equivalent to our GCSEs) he left school, and Bethel Home, and worked for a year for Omega Fotos. After that he worked for a big company in a job he really didn’t like for a few years, but he had always liked cars, and managed to get a job as a driver.

20161017_163000He decided there was money to be made from the car business and got together with four friends. They started a car hire/taxi company called “Augastin Travels” by buying cars on purchase plans and then hiring them to customers. At one point Augustine had 5 cars, but following an accident which limited his work for a few months he has sold some, and now has two. Between the 5 young men they have 12 cars, and a growing business.

Helen and her husband were greeted at Augastin’s home with cold drinks and biscuits. He now lives in a small brick build house with his mother and his wife of 18 months, Manali-Rebecca. When they visited, Manali-Rebecca’s mother had come to stay for a while so they met her, too, and saw the photos from their wedding (which Martin had helped to arrange).

Augastin has very happy memories of growing up in Bethel Home. He says it was like being part of a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, and that whatever they needed was provided. Helen asked what was the most mischievous thing he had done at Bethel Home, but he just laughed. Martin said there were just too many to chose from!

Augustine also said the care he had received from “Mummy and Daddy” (Annie and Martin) had really changed his life. Which is what we try to do. With every penny of your donations! Could you help?