Arun is a young man who grew up in Bethel Home. He had met staff and students from Poynton High School during their three previous visits, so when he heard that Helen was going to visit, Arun turned up on his motorbike to surprise her.

Arun told Helen that when he first arrived at Bethel he had no idea of self discipline, he didn’t go to school, and he had grown up in a situation of total chaos. It had taken him a while to learn about simple things like a daily routine, before he was ready to start learning. He said that growing up at Bethel was like being part of a big family. It had taught him to be organised, to study hard, and that it was worth listening to the advice of his elders!

After a slow start to his education, A has just completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Helen asked him what he was doing now, and he explained that he was renting a small home with two friends, and working part-time in a sandwich shop… with the aim of completing his MBA! Quite an achievement for a young man from is background, and a testament to the difference a secure home can make. We can only offer this security with regular income from our supporters and sponsors. Could you help?