Our Alumni – Sowmya

From our children’s home to working on the frontline against Covid-19 in Chennai’s hospitals

Sowmya’s father was deeply paranoid and distrusted his wife to such an extent that he used to beat and torture her. Unable to endure this treatment, she attempted suicide. Although she survived, her husband divorced her after this incident and left her with two small children.

Sowmya was only 6 years old when she went through this terrible experience. As a divorcee, her mother could not support herself alone and moved in with her parents, not only physically affected by her attempted suicide attempt, but also traumatised and depressed. Unable to work and earn an income to support her children, she brought Sowmya to Bethel Home.

Sowmya was taken good care of and treated with the love and affection she needed to heal from this traumatic start in life. She had a joyful childhood in the home, growing up into a calm, understanding and lovable young girl.

Having finished school, Sowmya completed a 4-year BSc in Nursing, driven by a passion to serve and care for other. She is currently working on a Covid ward, caring for those affected by the Coronavirus. It is thanks to your support and kindness that we have been able to change Sowmya’s life and lift her out of poverty.

Sowmya in full PPE on one of India's Covid-19 wards

Sowmya Now & Then

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