This brother and sister, aged about 8 and 11 years old, both live in our care at Bethel Home.

Their Mum works hard at two cleaning jobs, but earns less than £20 a month, which is just not enough to be able to take care of her children at home. Their father, an alcoholic, left the family about two years ago. They don’t know where he is now.

“Home” is a very small brick building with a corrugated iron roof and no electricity. It costs two thirds of Mum’s pay just in rent. They have very few belongings, just some cooking pots, a stool and a bundle of clothes.

Living in our care means more than having a secure home, good nutrition and the chance to go to school, it means you get to explore your talents, and the sister has won awards for her traditional dancing. We don’t just want them to grow, we want them to fly (or at least dance!)