Christmas Direct, our scheme to provide the children and widows in our care with a fabulous Christmas is made complete by receiving photos of the celebrations.  Annie, Martin and Omega, together with their staff at Bethel and Joy Homes, work tirelessly to ensure that they all have an amazing time.

They have a special dinner of chicken biryani:

Christmas dinner


Joy Children eating Christmas Dinner with their relatives


 and a visit from Santa Claus:

Santa Claus visits Joy

 All the children at Joy and Bethel love to dance, and so show off their skills to a captivated audience:

Joy girls dancing

Bethel girls dancing

Bethel boys dancing

Joy boys dancing

Opening the Christmas cards sent from the UK was the highlight of the day.  Thanks to your generosity in buying and sending these cards, Christmas was made possible for 165 children and 15 widows and their relatives.  Thank you!