The Poynton High School India Project Team  are all back safe and sound from their adventures in Tamil Nadu, despite one student travelling with a broken arm! It was a really memorable time for everyone, including days out with the children of Bethel and Joy Homes, exploring some local landmarks, and adding a bit of colour to the part of the new building for the Bethel children which has been completed. “Nobody died and nobody got lost” was one summary of the success of the trip… a relief to the trip leaders and all the Poynton High School staff, let alone the parents!


The whole Team is truly thankful for the care Annie, Martin and Omega take in looking after them, despite their commitments to changing the lives of some of India’s poor. This is what one student said about India Direct, and the work of LCCT, which we support:

“Before we went on the trip I didn’t feel as if I really knew that much about India Direct and what they did exactly, other than the fact that they were the charity that the school was working through. The trip really helped me to appreciate how much India Direct actually does for the children and for the Love and Care Charitable Trust. Listening to Martin speak about how the charity came into existence made me really appreciate the commitment that people like David Armstrong made to the charity at the beginning. I think that it is a fantastic charity that really makes sure that the money ends up in the right hands and that every penny counts. I would like to learn even more about what they are planning on doing in the future.”

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