DSCF1029Poynton High School India Project have been making their final preparations for their trip to India in a few weeks time. They will mark the third group of Poynton students who have visited Bethel & Joy since 2009.

Over the course of 5 years, the school’s students have raised around £25,000 for India Direct – making a significant, direct difference to the lives of all the children we support in India

The 2014 students have this weekend been on a 2 day residential, in the beautiful Bollington countryside. The aim of the weekend? Team building, fun and laughter.

The group were assembled into their teams for the trip and were set numerous challenges during the course of the weekend. Dropping eggs in homemade parachutes, a team quiz, ‘welded ankles’ and pillowcase blindfolded-ness were just some of the highlights!

The weekend was a great chance to talk through some Indian faux pas such as eating with the wrong hand; as well as for previous trip attendees to impart wisdom including the best way to hang up a mosquito net and how many cereal bars and Imodium to bring!

Saturday evening was spent enjoying a curry10489901_799487723417616_2561534075161730682_n at ‘The Viceroy’ in Bollington, some even tried eating the curry with their hands! Trip veterans were keen to warn those having korma that they might have to get used to a slightly hotter curry in two weeks time! 10489840_799487903417598_1274658355282178294_n

The trip will be a great opportunity for the students to see what India is like and why India Direct works so hard to ensure our children’s homes make a big difference to children’s lives. They’ll see the difference between the poverty the children come from and the happy, healthy children who we’ve looked after!

Poynton students will be taking the children from both homes on a ‘summer day trip’ and taking presents including sports and play equipment for the homes. They’ll also be participating in fun craft activities and taking the ‘loom band’ craze to Chennai!

We also expect that a meeting between India Direct and LCCT representatives will happen during the course of the trip, allowing ever greater communication and work between the two charities.


We’ll be keeping the India Direct Facebook page up to date with the latest information from India!