Sabitha’s Story – In her own words

India Direct supported Sabitha and her family. She was a resident at Bethel Home, and has recently completed training to become a nurse. Here is her story, in her own words.

I’m Sabitha, aged 20 years. I live in a small town in Southern Tamil Nadu. I was born in a small family, below the extreme poverty line. My mother left the family, so my sister and I lived with my father. Soon Father got re-married and we went to live with our grandmother, who was aged. All these happened very quickly and I was only 5 years old.

My grandmother worked as a coolie [labourer] and worked hard to bring us up, but she was failing to give us good food, clothes or education. Because our parents left, no one wanted to take care of us. We were struggling to survive and my grandmother’s income was not enough for 3 meals a day for 4 of us. When there was no work and income, we borrowed money for food, and we had to repay it when we got work.

My sister Ammu and I were malnourished, quiet, and withdrawn. Upon seeing our condition at our grandmother’s house, our father wanted to have us live with him. However, his new family and his situation wouldn’t take us in. He wouldn’t afford to support us and them – it was too burdening for him. He dispaired seeing us struggling.

We lived with our grandmother in a small thatched hut, 100 sq ft. It has only one room, and we cook outside the hut with sticks and twigs we gather around. In that small thatched-roof hut, 4 of us will sleep and we also keep our belongings in it. We do not have electricity in the hut and the roof is damaged. It will leak during rain and at that time, we keep small vessels to collect the rainwater.  

Then our Father and Grandmother brought us to Bethel Home. Our new lives started in Bethel home. I was 7 yrs old when I came to the children’s home. I was excited with each and everything I saw and felt. I was happy to start this new life, in new surroundings with so many new faces. I enjoyed growing up in a loving, secure surrounding. I was for the first time a happy little girl. 

My life changed. I studied well and completed high school. I joined nursing and completed my 2-year course to work as an intern at the Health Center. This was possible only because of all the sponsors and supporters of our charity. It’s not only me – you are changing many little children’s lives. It’s a great blessing for all of us.

I thank all of you for changing my LIFE into a BETTER and BEAUTIFUL ONE.

Sabitha xx

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