I am Sangeetha and I am 18 years old.

First, I would like to say thank you to all my dear sponsors, before I start to share my story, which beautifully took its twists and turns, because of the kind hearted and loving sponsors in my life through India Direct.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your generous sponsorship throughout my life. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution.

My mother brought me to Bethel home, in a very critical situation of our life. My father was a severe alcoholic and left us – me, my brother and mother. My mother was 27 years old than with 2 kids, 5 years and 6 years old respectively and we had no one else to support. We had no place to go, no shelter and we starved.

At that time, we heard about Bethel Home and we entered with no clue of what’s next.

Our new atmosphere was filled with love and care, I was thrilled to have many friends of my age, play parks in our campus, we had cots and beds, clean and neat environment, healthy and tasty foods.

Your sponsorship has allowed me to get a beautiful home to grow up in, good nutrition food, very good clothes, most of all education, all my school expenses were met, which had a significant impact on my growth. I’m grateful to have all your love, care and support.

Every day I woke up smiling, I got all 3 meals a day after a long time. I was taken to school. All our needs were met.

We escaped from a torturing childhood environment and had a pleasant childhood with beautiful memories – because of your loving commitment – to change our lives.

I came in at 5 years old, now I’m 18 yrs old and completed my high school and higher secondary school with good marks. I want to do science oriented courses either Nursing, Research or Anaesthetic assistant. I’m looking for various options to achieve my goal.

Once again, I thank you for your sponsorship. You changed my life from struggle to stable. Thank You.