Bethel students with their sports awards

MP Divya, Ammu & Satya have won scholarships from the Tamil Nadu Government of Rs.6000 per month because they won races and events in the district sports competition. Money will be deposited in their bank accounts, which will be opened for and their parents can save it for their child’s future.

Ammu with her sports awards

Annie is particularly delighted because she received a call from their Headteacher praising our students from Bethel and saying how well they behave, how hard they study and how proud she is to have them in her school. This is very unusual! Also, it was all our students who won the events!

We are delighted for them and wish them every success. The extra money they have won will pay for their future education.

Well done girls! All three girls are sponsored by supporters of India Direct. Sponsorship makes a tremendous difference, whether it is generally for all the children, or for a specific child. Please think about sponsoring one of our children.