Annie (the trustee of our Indian partner charity) has recently sent us an update on our projects in India. We’ve included some photos below.

Joy & Bethel Children’s Homes

Children continue to live home and outside with family are doing well. They continue to have monthly camps where groceries and provisions are distributed school needs discussed. School attendance and health is monitored regularly.

In Joy Campus, there has been some construction work to ensure separation of the children’s home from the new College buildings. This construction work was paid for out of the College funding, not from India Direct.

LCCT continues to only employee an essential number of workers, to continue to work frugally and ensure that the charity can live within its means.

Swetha, a child from Joy Home won 1st prize in a local chess ‘under 19s’ competition ‘zone level’. She will compete in the regional finals next month.

She also won second prize in under 19s running – 400 m, 800 m, 4×100 m. Over 40 schools participated, and she has been selected for district level selection.