Shayamala’s Story – In her own words

India Direct supported Shayamala from the age of 12. She was a resident at Joy Home, and was supported in completing a degree to become a nurse. She has also recently married! Here is her story, in her own words.

I’m Shayamala. I live in a village in southern Tamil Nadu, India. I grew up facing problems at home everyday. I was quiet and withdrawn due to the environment I grew up in. My mother had her own doubts about my father, she didn’t trust him and they would quarrel everyday. One day the outrage broke out and all of a sudden, my mother committed suicide.

Losing my mother suddenly, left me and my sister confused and distressed. My father married another women and left home. Me and my sister were taken in by our grandmother.

My grandmother was elderly and did not get work as labourer. She was not able to give us food, clothes and education. As an outcome, we used to starve for food many days, sometimes, we get very little to survive.

My grandmother, realizing that she could not give us shelter, education, food, clothes and protection, decided to bring me to Joy children’s home, and I was 12 years old then, studying in 7th Std.

The first look of the home gave me hope. I felt life changed and it did change. I got good food, clothes, friends, education. Aunties who took care when we fell sick, they helped us with our school work. A sudden change in my life, giving me comfort and making me feel – “you are there, existing”.

I grew up learning good things in good, happy, comfortable and secured environment. My life changed. I studied well, I completed school and I joined nursing and completed the course. Now I work as a Nurse in a hospital.

This was possible only by all the sponsors and supporters of our charity. It’s not only me, but you are changing life of many little children. It is a great blessing for all of us.

Recently, I got married to a good man. I’m blessed. I thank all of you for changing my life into a better and beautiful one.

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