Rooch and his two brothers were born in a family far below the poverty line, where every day was a struggle to get food, let alone clothing or an education for the children. The family’s home was a small thatched hut, which was in poor condition and made life very difficult.

Rooch’s father was an alcoholic, who left the family to marry another woman. Rooch’s mother worked hard as a farmer to support the family, earning only rs. 40 (44p) per day, which is as not enough to cover food and clothing for the family, meaning that many days they went hungry. When they could, the children went to school miles from home, walking long distances each day.

From this desperate situation, Rooch was brought to Joy in 2006, where he was able to continue his schooling in a supportive environment with the necessary food, clothing and shelter. He grew up to be a wonderful boy, calm, responsible and friendly. He is a keen sportsman and, since leaving school, attended college and completed a mechanical engineering course. He now works at an engineering enterprise and earns rs. 24000 (£265) per month.

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