Whilst in Chennai, Mark was able to visit the newly started tailoring business.

The business was started thanks to a very generous donation and has made a fantastic start. Annie, one of the trustees of our partner charity, LCCT, has been in charge of setting the business up. Due to the support of a donor, India Direct was able to purchase 12 sewing machines for the business. They are currently recruiting tailors, and currently, have 4 employed tailors and a manager.

The business has begun producing small orders for local manufacturers and samples for other companies. They appear to be producing very good quality items and are apparently enjoying positive responses from companies.

The trustees of our partner charity are relatively positive about the current state of the business but believe they will require further investment to ensure they get larger, more regular orders.

The further investment would be to enable them to make their business a complete ‘cloth to packet’ manufacturer. Essentially they would require additional sewing machines for capacity, but also packaging, button, and cutting machines.

If you would be able to support this project, which has the potential to really help India Direct’s projects for the long term, please do get in touch. The items of need are listed below:


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