Valentine’s Ball 2014

    We would like to say a massive “thank you” to Vanessa Simmons and Nikki Baker, for organising the 2014 Valentine’s Ball at Shrigley Hall.

    The Ball was organised to benefit three charities: Oxfam, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and, of course, India Direct. Nikki and Nessa had a stressful afternoon setting up the room, thanks to a total power failure covering the whole of Pott Shrigley, and were on the brink of having to cancel the whole event when the lights came back on!

    Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne, and the opportunity to try their luck on the rather splendid tombola (a distinct step up from your average school fair!), before moving in to the Tilden Suite (a converted monastery) for welcome speeches from the three charities. Helen was the opening speaker, on behalf of the India Direct trustees, and was glad to get that out of the way before enjoying the three course dinner. Dessert came in the form of delicious cupcakes donated by Carl from “By Request” caterers. Carl’s daughter Meg is preparing to travel to Bethel and Joy Homes in July with the PHS India Project, so he generously supplied the cupcakes free of charge in support of India Direct. Helen’s husband got roped in as auctioneer, and after the raffle and games of heads and tails, “The Get Back Band” played on (for free!)…

    Nikki and Helen

    The total raised was boosted by a donation from the electricity suppliers, as one of their management team was at the Ball, and felt they should recognise the stress Nikki and Nessa had endured. India Direct received a very welcome total of £1300.

    If you missed out, you will be pleased to know they are already talking about next year…


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