We’re so sorry to have to share this information from PHS with you, we’re just glad they are all safe and well.

“On Monday 17th July 2017, 16 students and 3 staff flew out to Chennai, India, to once again visit and support this great charity. However, they were turned back at immigration and refused entry into the country. Chennai airport immigration officials claimed that the group had no rights to enter the country on their visa because they were going to be undertaking work with a non-governmental organisation. In reality the students were going to visit the Children’s homes that they have raised thousands of pounds for, and to experience the rich, diverse and exciting culture of the region.

Extensive efforts were made to get the immigration official’s decision overturned, but to no avail. The students and staff returned back to Manchester, via Dubai, landing at Manchester Airport in the early hours of Wednesday morning, along with the toys and stationery that they had taken over for the children in the homes”

“As you can imagine the staff and students are in a state of tired shock, having travelled for 48 hours as a round trip”

Our hearts go out to this great team of staff and students, who have already made a real difference, and who must be so disappointed.

We know this has created a lot of interest in the charity. The students had been fundraising towards our vital work helping some of India’s poorest people. It is both our and the students hope that some good can come out of this in the form of much needed donations and sponsorship. So please do look at our project work, and if you feel you can, please support us.

For media enquiries, please contact info@indiadirect.org.uk or  info@phs.cheshire.sch.uk