Tiffin Time

    Tiffin Time!

    A great, enjoyable and unique way to fundraise for India Direct

    In the UK today “tiffin” usually refers to those dangerously delicious chocolaty treats. But in India tiffin is a snack or a light meal, and is also the name of the special tin used to take these meals to work.

    Tiffin Time is a fundraising event to raise money for the projects run by India Direct in South East India. Invite your friends along to enjoy a delicious combination of Indian savouries and English cakes – with an Indian twist! – and ask them to make a contribution to raise some money towards our life changing projects.


    We’ve made it really easy for you. On this page you will find:

    – A pack of tasty Indian savoury and British sweet recipes, which are perfect for running your own Tiffin Time. The downloadable online pack also contains all the information you need to run a successful event.

    – Printable invitations to send to your guests.

    – A printable A5 leaflet, which you can give to your guests to encourage them to find out more about us!


    Tiffin Time Downloads

    Comments from those who’ve done it before!

    “Tiffin Time was a really great experience! It gave me chance to meet up with some old friends, as well as an opportunity to make some new ones.”

    “The combination of Indian style snacks and English “afternoon tea” worked a treat, especially with the addition of a jug of Pimm’s because it was sunny outside!”

    “Tiffin Time was very easy to organise, and the recipes worked really well. It was so easy to host a party and make a contribution to a really good cause. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we raised £150, which was so exciting! I teamed up with my neighbour to host this one at her house, and now we are looking forward to doing another one at mine, soon.”


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