Individual Donations

    Ensuring accountability of your individual donation:

    Whilst regular donations enable us to plan ahead, a large proportion of our income comes from individual donations or from fundraising events. For all our donors, we realise that accountability is key.

    You may wish to purchase something specific, and we have a list of items we currently need, which we update whenever we get new information from India.

    Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss what is of greatest need at the moment. Items are purchased locally in India, and may at first appear expensive, especially for India, however we aim to buy well-built and substantial items which will stand the test of time, thus reducing future expenditure.

    Although we need these specific items, our monthly running costs for the two homes are nearly £6000, for which we rely on both individual and monthly donations. Any donations towards general running costs are always gratefully received.

    Our Items of Need:

    Specific Need Cost in £GBP
    Home Essentials: Bed sheet £3
    Home Essentials: Foam mattress £8
    Home Essentials: New dress for girls or shorts and shirt for boys (includes underwear) £5
    School: Books for two children for a year £15
    School: School support kit to include a rucksack, pencil box with pencils, ruler and eraser, crayons and a water bottle £10
    School: Uniform (Dress or blouse and skirt for the girls and shorts and a shirt for the boys. Flip flops for all) £15
    School: Annual school fees for one child at a government school £20
    All school fees, equipment and support £60 per child per year
    Care on leaving the homes: Higher Education for a year £500
    Care on leaving the homes: Technical Course for a year £100
    Care on leaving the homes: Catering Course for a year £300
    Care on leaving the homes: Sewing Machine to start a business after graduation from the tailoring school £60
    Care on leaving the homes: Tailoring kit for a new graduate from the tailoring school (scissors, threads, tape measures etc.) £20
    House: For a widow or family of child on leaving the home £1600
    Gifts for the families of children at the homes: A pair of goats £65
    Gifts for the families of children at the homes: A cow £200
    Support in rural villages close to the homes: Old age feeding program for 40 abandoned elderly people 30p each a day/ £12 for 40 a day/ £360 for 40 for a month
    Support in rural villages close to the homes: Medical camp including free medical check-ups and basic health care £300
    Supporting the ‘start up’ costs of a sewing business to help make India Direct and LCCT’s work self-sustainable £4500
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