Beads Unlimited are a company that Grace Nadin-Salter uses for her jewellery business – Just Grace Jewellery. Grace taught all the girls at Bethel and Joy how to make wire and bead bracelets when she visited our projects in India in July. Beads Unlimited often send out great email newsletters, and Grace read that they were interested in hearing about charities where beads had featured as part of the work. Grace immediately sent them an article and photos of our girls busy making bracelets! The boys had also loved this activity, but were harder to catch on film actually doing it! Beads unlimited have linked our website to ours now, which is absolutely fantastic. Not only that, they have sent Grace an amazing pack of resources for jewellery making. This means that even more money can go to India Direct when she sells her jewellery. She gives 15% of everything she makes from her business to India Direct. Please visit the Beads Unlimited blog at: