Shamini’s Story

Shamini lives at Joy Children’s Home. She arrived 10 years ago, and has benefitted hugely from the support and care provided by India Direct.

Below she tells her story in her own words.

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My name is Shamini  and now I’m 15 years old. When I was a child, my father died, due to having a tumor in the stomach and my mother was illiterate and a young widow. After papa’s death we were shattered and didn’t know what to do – no income, no food, no one to care for us. I was malnourished, quiet, withdrawn and depressed. I forgot to smile. When our life was struggling like a boat in the middle of the harsh waters of the ocean, we were struggling to live in the middle of merciless poverty.

After hearing our story and struggle, they gave us admission into Joy Home. I was 5 years old, when this happened in my life. I was excited with each and every thing I saw and felt. I started to feel happiness filling my heart, there was many girls of my age, and lots of laughter and giggles. I was given new dresses to wear and also I got new uniform to wear to school.

Here in Joy Home, day by day, I was becoming happy and bright, due to full meal every day, good water, healthy surroundings, playground to play. There was swings, sliders and many more and above all had sound sleep and without interruption. I was dreaming. As I grew, I developed very good friendships. I studied well, I was good in sports and got certificates. I’m happy. My life changed. I have 2 more years to complete my Higher secondary school and after that I want to do Higher studies and get into a JOB.

This is my STORY. I’m happily saying today, there are so many good hearts behind this story, which CHANGED MY LIFE and not only me, they are changing the lives of many little boys and little girls like ME.

Thank You All for reading my story and wish me good luck for my future.

Shamini Now & Then

Shamini as she arrived at Joy HomeShamini Today, 10 years later

Shamini’s Family

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