Christmas Direct (as a gift)


Give a child the greatest gift you can, on behalf of a friend! 

We’ll send you a card to pass onto your friend at Christmas time, detailing what your gift has paid for.

The whole £15 raised will go directly towards providing a Christmas for a child who lives in one of India Direct’s two children’s homes – an additional £2.5 will be paid at checkout for shipping, admin and the costs of producing the card.



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What better gift for someone who you can’t quite work out what to buy for?

Buy a Christmas Direct card from us for them and you’ll be providing a complete Christmas for a child from Bethel or Joy Home. The £15 gift will provide a new outfit, a small gift, and a party, including a celebration meal for the children and for any surviving family. It is not easy for the family to visit, so you will also be paying for their transport on the day.

We’ll also send you a card to give to your friend, detailing that for their Christmas present, you’ve paid for a Christmas for one of the poorest children in India.




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